Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management

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Storm, a 9 year old Springer presented with fibrosarcoma of the mandible (lower jaw). This was treated with a radical rostral (front end) mandibulectomy. We placed a screw between the halves of the lower jaw to maintain stability before removing the diseased tissue with a margin. We sent the excised tissue away to verify margins have...

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Toby presented with a firm mass on his skull. This was biopsied and was thought to be an osteoma, a benign bone tumour. We carefully burred around it and removed it with a narrow margin of normal skull. He wore a cone for 3 weeks to protect the wound from being bashed as much as...

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Superficial epigastric flap to close a wound

Lola had a large wound after trauma. Her owner vets had attempted a closure but unfortunately this came adrift, and she was referred to us a couple of weeks later for wound closure. The edges were trimmed and the thick granulation tissue in the base of the wound was debrided. We created a flap from...

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Skin flap to close a chronic wound

Mist had a locally aggressive tumour – a spindle cell sarcoma – succesfully removed with good margins by a local practice. The surgical wound unfortunately broke down. The resulting wound was large but this was NOT a disaster – a disaster would have been a neatly closed wound with residual tumour left behind by the...

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Transposition skin flap to close a large wound after tumour removal

After removal of a tumour, there was a large wound that we weren’t able to close with local skin. So once we were sure the tumour had been successfully removed, a flap of skin from the side of the body (where there is spare skin) was raised and rotated into position to close the hole...

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