Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management


Spontaneous resolution of a plasmacytoma in the mouth

On in May 2018 Romeo, a 7 year old Chihuahua presented for left maxillectomy (radical removal of part of the upper jaw) for a plasmacytoma. The mass had grown substantially in the weeks before we saw the case and was crossing the midline, so even without achieving substantial margins of excision, about ¾ of the hard...

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Soft tissue carcinoma removed from the caudal thigh

A female Staffie Bull Terrier was admitted for removal of a mass from the caudal thigh. This was likely to be a soft tissue sarcoma from fine needle aspirates done by the referring vet, and the owner requested excision on that basis without further confirmatory biopsy. The mass was removed with 2 cm skin margins...

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Prepuce mast cell tumour

                Michaal was unlucky enough to have amast cell turmour on the end of his prepuce. This was excised and we constructed enough of prepuce to keep his modesty covered afterwards! margins of excision around the tumour were “complete” and the prognosis is good that this won’t come...

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Removal of a large mast cell tumour from the region of the lower neck / front end of the breast bone

Winston had a large mast cell tumour; this was biopied and found to be an intermediate grade. The biospy site did weep for a few days while we waited for results and the owners did have a little temporary inconvenience from this. This is not uncommon because tumour tissue doesn’t have the normal composite structure...

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Nasopharyngeal polyp in a 9 y old, Labradoodle

Dasiy presented with intermittant choking and coughing. Examination of the pharynx revealed a huge polyp which was debulked. Haemorrhage was controlled with pressure and the histopathology  will confirm the diagnosis! Regrowth is possible, even probable, but repeat surgery should be very feasible. If you click on “IMG 1255” you should be able to see a...

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