Case Studies: Fractures


Comminuted femoral condylar fracture in a young cat

Pablo, a cat presented to us with a tricky fracture of the femur (thigh bone). The bottom end that forms part of the knee joint was comminuted (multiple fragments). This was neatly put back together with a screw and four pins. Cage rest was diligently enforced for 4 weeks by the owner. We saw Pablo...

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Interlocking nail for fracture fixation

Interlocking nails are an innovation in fracture fixation that came from WWII, and they were a closely guarded military secret at that time because they got injured German pilots back into the air faster than ours! A large pin with holes in it at set positions is inserted into the bone, and a jig is...

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External fixation for a tarso-metatarsal fracture-luxation in a cat

This cat had a fracture-luxation between the metatarsal bones and the tarsal bones (bones of the foot and of the ankle respectively). These were stabilised with an external fixator. This was placed “closed” ie) without opening up the injury. The pins are small because the bones are small. This makes them relatively weak so bars...

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External fixator to fix a horrible radius and ulna fracture in a cat

Kwazii presented with a comminuted (shattered), open (soft tissue wounds connecting the fracture to the outside) fracture of the radius and ulna (bones of the forearm). This very likely followed a road traffic accident. The head of the radius is supposed to abut against the humerus (the bone of the upper arm) at the elbow...

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Difficult humerus fracture in a Bengal

Ronnie, a young Bengal cat, had a close encounter of the low flying TV kind and presented to us on Friday 13th … BengalsĀ are really beautiful cats but they are usually adventurous and fiesty – they look and act like small leopards. Not the ideal orthopaedic patient! Ronnie had suffered a fracture of the humerus...

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