Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery


Elbow hygroma

A three year old doberman presented with a large hygroma, fluid filled sac over the lateral elbow. This was removed but it is highly likely to recur if the underlying cause is not addressed; this is usually big dogs lying on hard floors, with skin being trapped between bone pressure points and a hard unforgiving...

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Forequarter amputation in large dogs

Benson, a stocky 30kg male Staffy needed a right forequarter amputation becuase of serious neurological deficits after a road traffic accident, that resulted in very poor limb use and massive muscle loss even after a couple of months of “wait and see”. A few months after forequarter amputation (where we take the shoulder blade too to...

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TECA after LWR

Georgie had a lateral wall resection (LWR) for recurrent otitis externa, external ear infection. The aim of this surgery is to increase the ventilation to the depths of the ear canal and make the environment less atrtractive to the bacterial pathogens that can otherwise colonise it. Unfortunately in some of these cases, even if the LWR...

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Oesophageal fish hook removal with the aid of an endoscope

Koda, a Northern Inuit male dog, decided to try eating a fishing hook – it dodn’t get far- just part way down the oesophagus. We mananged to get it out with the help of a metal tube, and endoscope and a bit of patience! The oesphagus was checked afterwards with the scope to verify no...

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Urethrostomy for penile obstruction

Gizmo had a penile obstruction caused by urethral calculi (mineral deposits). These were a little trickier than usual to spot as they were radiolucent meaning they don’t show up on radiographs unless contrast agent is used to highlight them. A permanent hole – a stoma – was made into the urethra to allow retrival of the...

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