Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery


Anal gland resection

Anal glands are sac like structures found within the layers of the anal sphincter at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. They can get blocked or inflamed and cause irritation. Sometimes they can get infected, and abscessate, breaking out through a fistula to the skin. Many cases of blocked anal glands can be managed┬áby...

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Prostatic cyst with a urethral communication

Buddy, the much loved male Staffie belonging to lovely couple of die-hard Rockers, presented with a real problem – he couldn’t urinate. He had a large prostate cyst with a communication to the urethra, the tube from the bladder. When he tried to urinate, the urine shunted from his bladder to the cyst and only...

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Nell, a 33kg 8 year old German Shepherd presented with a truely massive 6kg spleen mass. We sent the whole spleen away for analysis and exhaustive histopathology located no neoplastic cause – just splenic haemorrhage and necrosis. So the prognosis is cautiously optimistic. Patients can live very well without their spleen if there is no...

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Urethrostomy in a street dog after traumatic penis damage

  Kutlis, an eleven year old, 9kg, Lithuanian street dog, presented with acute urinary outflow obstruction. A bite wound months before had led to him losing the front half of his penis. He had reportedly been managing to pee until a couple of days before we saw him. At that point his bladder was huge....

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Widening the nostrils of flat nosed breeds

Short nosed “brachycephalic” breeds are becoming more popular. This is not good news, because many of these dogs have compromised airways. In short, humans are choosing to breed dogs that can not get a good flow of air into their lungs. We frequently need to widen the nostrils, which is simple enough to do.  ...

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