Lichfield Surgery Facilities

Our surgical suite at Lichfield was purpose built and has two operating theatres and three consulting room. We are equipped with a comprehensive range of surgical tools and implants including a plethora of air-driven burs, saws, reamers and drills, a surgical laser, and suction and diathermy equipment. We have hip replacement (Kyon and Biometrix) and elbow replacement (Sirrius) systems as well as a comprehensive range of orthopaedic fixation systems (including 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm monoaxial and polyaxial locking systems; 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm DCP plating systems; SK/KE-Plus and ring external fixation systems, and interlocking nails). We are equipped for arthroscopy (Storz 2.4mm and 1.9mm) and endoscopy (Olympus standard and paediatric fibre-optic endoscopes). We have a range of surgical staplers that are especially useful for lung and liver lobectomy.

Our ophthalmologists use two Zeiss operating microscopes for intricate eye surgery and have phacoemulsification and electrolysis equipment. The ophthalmic diagnostic equipment includes tonometry, gonioscopy and equipment for electroretinography and retinal photography.

We have a digital X-ray machine and our fixed prices and quotes include repeat radiography of the surgical site with an unlimited number of exposures on an unlimited number of days. We have a “Nomad” hand-held X-ray generator which is very useful for follow-up radiography to check bone healing in unsedated patients, and can also be used for intraoperative radiography without the need to move the patient.

Colour flow Doppler ultrasonography is used for detailed ultrasonic investigations, and we also have a basic ultrasonography machine for simple ultrasonographic examinations.

MRI and CT scans, where they are required, are sourced off site. We are very experienced at myelography and this remains a very rapid, economical and efficient way of assessing spinal emergency cases where finances don’t stretch to advanced imaging.

We have a class 4 therapeutic K-laser, useful for treating soft tissue injuries and degenerative joint disease, and also a Sonivet ultrasonic device for stimulating bone healing. This can be hired out for use at home on selected cases.

We have comprehensive multi-parameter patient monitoring equipment allowing capnography, pulse oximetry and monitoring of ECG, blood pressure, and core temperature in both theatres, in the prep room, x-ray room and kennels. We have multiple HotDog patient warming systems, several enriched oxygen cages and other means of delivering supplemental oxygen to selected cases.

Laboratory work is usually carried out in advance at the referring practice, but haematology, biochemistry and urinalysis can be done on the day that we see the patient if required.

We use the services of specialist oncology and chemotherapy service, Chemopet (, where medical as well as surgical treatment of oncology cases is required.

Our ethos is continuity of veterinary and nursing care, pre-operatively, peri-operatively and post-operatively. Our policy is to only employ very experienced Registered Veterinary Nurses (10 of them at the last count!) to ensure excellent patient supervision and care. We provide close veterinary supervision for inpatients through the night when this is required, without the need for owners having to transport pets to and fro.

Our cat kennel room is separate from our kennel room for dogs.

London Surgery Facilities

Our ethos is continuity of veterinary and nursing care, pre-operatively, peri-operatively and post-operatively. Because we are based in Lichfield and travel down to London on surgical days, we make ourselves very available to offer pre-operative and post-operative support for you and your clients from a distance using modern technology. As our London service develops, the number of days we working at Dartford should increase significantly.

On the days we operate at Dartford, we use the support team of experienced vets and nurses at the Easipetcare clinic in Dartford and we use their operating theatre, consulting room and kennel facilities. West Midlands Referrals vets (either Jon or Andy) will be available to speak to you and your client on the phone in advance of the consultation/surgery at Dartford, and will see the client and pet on the day to take charge of the admission, sedation, anaesthesia, investigations, surgery, and recovery. Jon or Andy will be available to oversee the period of aftercare, by phone and at rechecks at Dartford in the following weeks. We make no further charges for these follow up checks.

We are equipped with a comprehensive range of our own surgical instruments and implants which we keep at the Dartford facility. As well as use of the main digital X-ray machine at Dartford, and we also have a hand-held X-ray generator which allows follow up radiographs to be taken conscious to check on bone healing, usually while the client waits and usually without the need to even sedate their pet. Our fixed prices include an unlimited number of X-ray exposures.

As we open up our London service, initially we are only offering selected soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures and fracture fixations. However the range of procedures that we can accommodate is likely to expand as our service grows.

If MRI and CT scans are required, they will have been sourced at other facilities in advance. Laboratory work like haematology, biochemistry and urinalysis is usually carried out in advance at your own practice, but can be done on the day we see the patient if required.