Referral Procedure and case advice

We are readily available for advice, to give quotes, to take referrals, or to arrange to come and do selected surgeries at your practice.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We can be contacted by:

We are friendly and easy going, and we are quite able to take notes from a phone conversation! There is no need to waste your valuable time on long-winded formal letters. We just need the relevant case notes, plus any relevant lab results and radiographs.

We can do the leg-work of ringing the client, booking an appointment, ensuring food is with-held, helping with directions and answering any questions the owner may have in advance of coming to us. You may find it useful to direct your client to our web site. In the section for owners they will find a section called “fact sheets”. The top one is called “Joining instructions” and gives comprehensive information including directions and instructions for patient preparation.

We send a full report on the day of procedures, typically by email, but by fax or post if you prefer. We send further reports each time we see the patient for check ups. Detailed aftercare plans are available on this website in the fact sheet section within the sections for owners and vets.

We are very flexible, and aftercare can be either with the referring practice or with ourselves. Where aftercare is carried out at the referring practice we can use modern technology to assist with advice from a distance.


Advice on cases given by WMRs from a distance:

We are pleased to offer prompt and free advice on radiographs and case histories, communicating by email or phone as you prefer. Our aim is to reply within just a day or two, and usually within a matter of hours. If you need really urgent advice, please make this clear when you contact us.

Please note the limits of responsibility for advice given to general practice colleagues by the staff of West Midlands Referrals for cases that are not actually under the care of West Midlands Referrals:

At West Midlands Referrals we encourage colleagues in general practice to try new surgeries and new procedures (eg chemotherapy) where this is appropriate and within the realms of their experience, equipment and capabilities.

We developed many of our own skills by being prepared to try new techniques, and we often find ourselves looking back nostalgically to the 90’s, which was something of a “Golden Age” of small animal practice where most vets could and would make a fair fist of many procedures that now get referred. We enjoy speaking to colleagues and advising on the management of cases; we enjoy providing CPD sessions and we enjoy hosting colleagues at Lichfield to scrub in and learn new procedures. We aren’t in any way protectionist …

BUT … (there’s always a “but”!)…

Please remember that while our advice is always given in good faith and given with the very best of intentions, we can’t take ultimate responsibility for the consequences of following this advice if the case is not actually referred to us. The final responsibility for accepting the appropriateness of any plan we suggest, and for the technical implementation of that plan, rests with the person who is actually treating the case and/or wielding the scalpel!

If you aren’t sure you can manage the case, consider referring it, or perhaps bringing it to us at Lichfield yourself as a “reverse mobile case”, where you can be involved with the case in a hands-on way, but with the back up of more experienced colleagues on hand. Such reverse mobile cases are charged to your practice as if we’d come to your practice and done the surgery there, and you can put an appropriate mark-up on the case before billing your client. You can also chalk up this time as CPD hours!

If you send radiographs, we prefer getting them as jpegs. Dicom files can be a real pain to open. And if you post analogue xrays and want them sending back, please remember to include the return postage!!