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  • Jennifer Middleton
Jennifer Middleton

Jennifer Middleton


I have been in the veterinary industry for 7 years. I have experience in first opinion/general practice, veterinary hospitals, out of hours and referral work. I enjoy all aspects of the job but have a keen interest in emergency and critical care and hope to develop my anaesthesia skills further at WMR.

In my spare time I am quite outdoorsy. I spend a lot of time hiking in the peak district and out with my dogs and horses.

At home I am lucky enough to have 3 dogs (Mistie, Pippa & Olive), Olive being a rescue that came into my previous practice for veterinary care. I also have 2 horses (Dakota & Domino) and 2 rabbits (Jack & Jemima).

I look forward to developing my knowledge and skillset with the WMR team who have already made me feel very welcome during my time with them so far.