• Sacral fracture

Leaving this until after the weekend was not appropriate. The owners knew a vet at a midlands practice that often refers to us. So after they spoke to their friend, they got in touch with us. The family brought Star to Burton on Trent on Friday evening and staff stayed late to fix her.

When we lifted Star out of the car on arrival we had placed a muzzle on for safety. But this typically placid and friendly dog was beside herself with pain and in the kerfuffle the muzzle slipped off, and Star took a lump out of Jon’s thumb.

Anyway, we got Star asleep and took her to surgery. One side of her pelvis was stabilised with a pin and screw. The bone fragments that were causing the pain on the other side were removed.

Jon took her home on the Friday evening and the next morning she was able to weight bear.

The owners are experienced stock people, well able to cope with her convalescence.  and she was soon back at home on restricted activity.

14th June 2015