• Pelvis wing fracture, plated

One common common component in a pelvic fracture is fracture involving the iliac wings, the flattish bones that form the walls of the pelvis. The iliac wings link the ball and socket joints on each side with the sacrum, the vertebrae at the bottom of the spinal column. Asuch, the iliac wings are the route by which force is transmitted from the back legs to the rest of the body. They are essential to the integrity of the weight bearing axis of structures.

When the iliac wing fractures, as well as loss of weight bearing, there can be serious compromise to the dimensions of the pelvis. If the pelvic dimension aren’t restored, this can have big implications for the passage of faeces (and foetuses in un-neutered females) along the pelvis in future.

When the iliac wing fractures this can lead to serious damage/pressure on the major nerve trunk to the hind limb on that side, which causes pain and dysfunction.

30th November 2014