• Radial growth plate fracture in a pup

The radial growth plate was deviated at an angle of about 30 degrees and the ulna growth plate looked crushed and fragmented. it was likely that the ulna growth plate would now close and that the angulation of the radial growth plate would result in limb deformity.

At 8 months there wasn’t a huge amount of growth still to come, but there was still the possibility of conflict between the growth plates if one continued to grow and one “closed” prematurely. This conflict could lead to further progressive growth related limb deformities which might have consequences for the function of the carpus (wrist) or elbow joints.

So we elected to remove one of the growth plates and to fix the other with pins.

These may well need removing in time. The missing section of ulna looks dramatic, but it is of no great consequence.

22nd November 2014