• Central tarsal fracture and T4 fracture in a racing Greyhound

A 2y old, 30kg racing greyhound presented after sustaining a injury on the track. X-rays showed a slab fracture of the right central tarsal bone, and of the medial proximal corner of the 4th tarsal bone (T4) too.

The central tarsal was reduced, and lag screwed in place. The T4 fragment aligned en passant.

The injury was buttressed with a type 2 external fixator with threaded pins, using carbon fibre bars to better allow radiographical assessment of implant position and alignment.

Reduction was pleasing but the prognosis for future athletic function must be guarded.

t74 tarsal fracture1   t74 tarsal fracture2 

 t74 tarsal fracture3   t74 tarsal fractur4