• Forequarter amputation in large dogs

A few months after forequarter amputation (where we take the shoulder blade too to leave a lovely smooth contour to the chest), we heard from the owners:

We just wanted to thank the team so much for allowing our boy to lead a ‘normal’ life again after being hit by a car! After the operation you asked for us to send over some photos of Benson before, during and after, to show the muscle wastage as it was so immense. Even though Benson is a big lad, he is coping amazingly well. It was a very scary decision to make at the time to have his leg amputated, but we trusted you whole heartedly and thank goodness we did because Benson is exactly the same as he was before, now that he is a tripod! We hope ther clients in a similar situation can see that big dogs are okay with this procedure! Once again a huge thank you from us all! Kind Regards, Danny, Charlotte & Benson.

17th September 2018