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  • Entropion - condition in the eyelid

Entropion, infolding of the eyelids, leads to hairs rubbing on the surface of the globe and this often leads to ulceration of the cornea.

There are different forms of entropion:

Some entropions are related to excessive lid length – also called ectropion or diamond eye. This is common in dogs like Newfoundlands, Great Danes or Mastiffs. Breeds such as the Labrador, Cocker Spaniel and others can get entropion of the outer corner of the lower lid because of the excessive length of the lids.

Entropion can also be related to skin folds and head shape as in the Sharpeis, English Bulldogs or Pugs.

Entropion often occurs in young dogs but some breeds like Cocker Spaniels or Rottweilers can develop entropion with age.

The correct surgery to correct the defect varies according to the type and extent of the problem.

Surgery of the eyelids prevents future rubbing of hair on the cornea, allowing healing of corneal ulceration to occur.