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  • Opthalmology Case Studies from West Midlands Veterinary Referrals


Please note the following pages contain graphic images which some users may find upsetting.
  • Using a bur to debride corneal ulcerations conscious

    It is amazing what you can do to dogs. This dog is sitting quite happily without any sedation, just being gently held by a nurse. Local anaesthetic has been applied to the corneas and Lorna is able to gently debride (tidy up) ulcers on the corneas, the front of the eyeballs using a quiet electric bur.

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  • Furry eyeball …!

    This can’t be much fun …having a carpet of fur growing on your eyeball …

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  • Distichiasis

    Distichia are lashes which emerge from the glands along the eyelid margins.

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  • Prolapsed nictitans glands, “Cherry eye”

    The nictitans glands produces about a third of the fluids that make up the tear film that keeps the surface of the eyes moist. These glands are located in the third eyelid and they can prolapse to present as “Cherry eye”. This condition can often affect both eyes.

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  • Entropion - condition in the eyelid

    Entropion, infolding of the eyelids, leads to hairs rubbing on the surface of the globe and this often leads to ulceration of the cornea.

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