Case: Removal of a large mast cell tumour from the region of the lower neck / front end of the breast bone

Winston had a large mast cell tumour; this was biopied and found to be an intermediate grade. The biospy site did weep for a few days while we waited for results and the owners did have a little temporary inconvenience from this. This is not uncommon because tumour tissue doesn’t have the normal composite structure of normal tissue and so it is often “friable” and doesn’t heal as well as normal tissue after even small cuts like a biopsy sampling.

But once the tumour was removed with clear margins of healthy tissue around it, the surgical wound healed very well and very cosmetically. With clear margins of excision achieved, we don’t anticipate recurrence of the tumour in this case. 180818180726 (1)180726 (2)180726 (3)180726 (4)