Case: Arthroscopy for medial coronoid disease

Placement of a “camera” into joints – most commonly¬†the elbow or the shoulder – allows for inspection with magnification and for some procedures to be done in a minimally invasive way without a full open surgical procedure.

We see a lot of Labradors and Retrievers for scoping with medial coronoid disease. The medial coronoid process is a spur on the upper end of the ulna, one of the bones in the forearm. This boney process, and the cartilage that overlies it, can fragment. Removal of these fragments is usually possible arthroscopically, with tools and powered burs inserted into the joint through small holes and via access tubes. This approach is less invasive and offers the benefit of magnification compared to a traditional open surgical approach to achieve the same ends.

Most patient are improved in the short-mid term, though regretfully a minority of cases are not improved by the intervention, and there is an inevitable progression of osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease, DJD) in these cases regardless.

Maciej is the colleague that does our arthroscopy .