Case: Temporary shoulder joint immobilisation with a locking plate

Sky, an active young lurcher, luxated (dislocated) her right shoulder.

We temporarily immobilised this with a polyaxial locking plate for about 4.5 weeks. The plate was removed and, fingers crossed, enough fibrous scar tissue seems to have formed around the joint to stabilse it without the need for more aggressive interventions like arthrodesis (joint fusion) which is covered in a separate article.

A few days after plate removal she was walking pretty normally and gradually increasing lead exercise will be order of the day for the next few weeks. It will be a real challenge for the owners to limit the activity of this this “can-do” dog!

morton-skye- - CR from 21-10-2014 S0 I0


morton-skye- - CR from 21-10-2014 S0 I0

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