Case: Elbow hygroma

A three year old doberman presented with a large hygroma, fluid filled sac over the lateral elbow. This was removed but it is highly likely to recur if the underlying cause is not addressed; this is usually big dogs lying on hard floors, with skin being trapped between bone pressure points and a hard unforgiving floor. Restricting the dogs to a soft bedded pen overnight is often required to stop them getting up and choosing to lie on hard tiles.IMG_1852IMG_1853IMG_1855IMG_1856IMG_1858





She was a bit crafty at getting at the dressing and a small hot spot developed over the point of the elbow.

Several dressing changes with the “donut” used to protect the point of the elbow and a splint on the front of the elbow to temporarily reduce flexion, and about 3 weeks later the wound was solid enough to leave open to the air.

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