Case: Endoscopic removal of bone foreign bodies

One recent Saturday, we received a call from a local practice with a Cairn terrier that had had a bone stuck in its oesophagus for a few days. We went out to their practice. Working with their staff, we managed to move the bone into the stomach with the aid of an endoscope and a pair of large forceps.

Bizarrely, the very next day the same practice called about a Westie that had also got a bone stuck in its oesophagus! We went out again and this time the bone was removed with the scope and the forceps. Interestingly, oesphageal obstruction often involves Westies because of oesophageal motility issues.

Both patients needed gastrostomy feeding tubes placing (see seperate article in the soft tissue section) so that their oesophagus could rest and recover in the days following obstruction. Their owners will need to be careful that bones aren’t ingested by these dogs again! These dogs are unlikely to be any wiser after their recent escapades!