Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Abdominal massess


Lucy, a 6y female Border Collie presented with worryingly low glucose levels, caused by an insulinoma, a tumour of the pancreas. The pancreas has two main jobs – it produces enzymes to be delivered to the gastro-intestinal tract to digest food, and it produces hormones insulin which controls blood sugar. Insulin moves glucose from blood...

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Skin flap to close a chronic wound

Mist had a locally aggressive tumour – a spindle cell sarcoma – succesfully removed with good margins by a local practice. The surgical wound unfortunately broke down. The resulting wound was large but this was NOT a disaster – a disaster would have been a neatly closed wound with residual tumour left behind by the...

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Massive abdominal mass

Roxi, a boisterous flatcoat retriever, presented to us for treatment of a cruciate ligament injury. This was treated with a routine TTA (see seperate article under the orthopaedic section). During consultation the owner mentioned a fatty mass that had been debulked by the referring vet but which had unfortunately regrown. We took an abdominal x-ray...

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