Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Amputation


Osteosarcoma case, developed a cruciate ligament rupture in the left hind limb 3 years after amputation of the right hind limb

Louis, a Spinone, was unlucky enough to get an osteosarcoma aggressive bone tumour in a hind limb in 2012. He had a hind limb amputation with us, and his likely survival time with this and chemotherapy was about a year. There is an information sheet on osteosarcoma on this website under the section for owners...

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Hemipelvectomy for osteosarcoma

Bubbles, a four year old boxer bitch presented with a left hind limb lameness of a few weeks’ duration. X-rays were taken and there was the strong suspicion of a bone cancer affecting the left pelvis. This suspicion was confirmed by biopsy. No spread to the chest was apparent on chest X-rays, but these tumours...

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Forelimb amputation for osteosarcoma of the humerus

A middle aged Doberman presented with a firm painful swelling at the top of the humerus in the right forelimb. Radiography of the affected limb revealed the typical features of a malignant bone tumour called an osteosarcoma. There were no masses visible in the lungs on x-rays at this time.   The owner, a professional...

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