Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Head, mouth & nose

Thyroid carcinoma in a dog

A 45 kg, 10 year old cross bred dog presented for CT chest/neck and surgical removal of an apparently well defined mass between the left carotid artery and the trachea. Our colleague Mayra had recently scanned him. A CT scan of the chest was unremarkable. The mass was approached from ventrally and it was removed with...

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Spontaneous resolution of a plasmacytoma in the mouth

On in May 2018 Romeo, a 7 year old Chihuahua presented for left maxillectomy (radical removal of part of the upper jaw) for a plasmacytoma. The mass had grown substantially in the weeks before we saw the case and was crossing the midline, so even without achieving substantial margins of excision, about ¾ of the hard...

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Nasopharyngeal polyp in a 9 y old, Labradoodle

Dasiy presented with intermittant choking and coughing. Examination of the pharynx revealed a huge polyp which was debulked. Haemorrhage was controlled with pressure and the histopathology  will confirm the diagnosis! Regrowth is possible, even probable, but repeat surgery should be very feasible. If you click on “IMG 1255” you should be able to see a...

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Rostral maxillectomy

Alfie, an 11 year old dog, had a locally invasive but non-malignant mass on the front of his upper jaw called and ameloblastic fibroma. This was removed as a block of tissue and the nose was spared. The wound healed well. A tiny fistula – communication between the nose and mouth remained – but this...

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Storm, a 9 year old Springer presented with fibrosarcoma of the mandible (lower jaw). This was treated with a radical rostral (front end) mandibulectomy. We placed a screw between the halves of the lower jaw to maintain stability before removing the diseased tissue with a margin. We sent the excised tissue away to verify margins have...

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