Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Limbs


Palliative excision of a large soft tissue sarcoma

Bella, a 10 year old Staffie, had a large soft tissue sarcoma over her lateral left elbow. Excision with margins wasn’t feasible. Amputating her leg was a huge step to take for a mass that was unlikely to ever spread beyond the leg.   So we palliatively excised the mass locally, with no curative intent,...

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Soft tissue carcinoma removed from the caudal thigh

A female Staffie Bull Terrier was admitted for removal of a mass from the caudal thigh. This was likely to be a soft tissue sarcoma from fine needle aspirates done by the referring vet, and the owner requested excision on that basis without further confirmatory biopsy. The mass was removed with 2 cm skin margins...

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Mast cell tumour debulk

Cassie presented with a long standing mast cell tumour that had grown under her Achilles tendon. It was getting knocked and inflamed. There was no prospect of removing the mass with curative margins and so we simply debulked the mass to make it manageable. It wil regrow in time and the owner is philosophical about...

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Superficial epigastric flap to close a wound

Lola had a large wound after trauma. Her owner vets had attempted a closure but unfortunately this came adrift, and she was referred to us a couple of weeks later for wound closure. The edges were trimmed and the thick granulation tissue in the base of the wound was debrided. We created a flap from...

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Transposition skin flap to close a large wound after tumour removal

After removal of a tumour, there was a large wound that we weren’t able to close with local skin. So once we were sure the tumour had been successfully removed, a flap of skin from the side of the body (where there is spare skin) was raised and rotated into position to close the hole...

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