Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Perineal & perinanal masses

Soft tissue sarcoma of the tail

A 12y female Border Collie presented with a massive (>2kg) soft tissue mass over the right rump. This was believed to be a soft tissue sarcoma and had grown over a couple of years. It was removed with reductive intent rather than curative intent. Histopathology reported it as: Intermediate grade soft tissue sarcoma. Deep invasion...

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Vaginal leiomyosarcoma in a labrador

A 7 year old female Labrador presented with a large soft tissue mass, a leiomyosarcoma (a malignant tumour of smooth muscle cells), in the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus). It originated from the dorsal vaginal wall very close to, and just in front proximal of, the urethra on the ventral aspect....

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“Screw tail” in a Bull dog

A 3y old Bulldog presented for attention her breed-related “screw tail”. The deep skin folds associated with the cork-screw tail led to festering skin infections. Once the tail vertebrae had been removed the skin was reconstructed. The cosmetic result once the wound has healed will be nice, and smelly infection should be a thing of...

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Soft tissue carcinoma removed from the caudal thigh

A female Staffie Bull Terrier was admitted for removal of a mass from the caudal thigh. This was likely to be a soft tissue sarcoma from fine needle aspirates done by the referring vet, and the owner requested excision on that basis without further confirmatory biopsy. The mass was removed with 2 cm skin margins...

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Anal carcinoma in a spaniel

Max, an elderly spaniel was referred with straining to defaecate. The referring vet had identified a mass affecting the right side of the anus, and increased thirst and urination. Blood tests had identified increased calcium levels.   The mass was an anal adenocarcinoma, a neoplasia (“cancer”) that often produces a hormone which acts to increase...

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