Case Studies: Cancer & Wound Management – Skin flaps, meshing & skin stretchers

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Prepuce mast cell tumour

                Michaal was unlucky enough to have amast cell turmour on the end of his prepuce. This was excised and we constructed enough of prepuce to keep his modesty covered afterwards! margins of excision around the tumour were “complete” and the prognosis is good that this won’t come...

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Axilliary advancement flap

Tilly had a non-healing wound in the region of the shoulder and this was closed by means of an advancement skin flap from the axilla...

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Thoracodorsal flap and external fixator for dog with exposure and near rupture of the triceps tendon

Spot Jenkinshad a near rupture of the triceps tendon. There was a substantial overlying wound. We repaired the tendon and supported the elbow in extension with an external fixator. The wound was covered with a thoracodorsal skin flap to move skin down from the upper reaches of the limb. Spot did really well!...

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Superficial epigastric flap to close a wound

Lola had a large wound after trauma. Her owner vets had attempted a closure but unfortunately this came adrift, and she was referred to us a couple of weeks later for wound closure. The edges were trimmed and the thick granulation tissue in the base of the wound was debrided. We created a flap from...

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Skin flap to close a chronic wound

Mist had a locally aggressive tumour – a spindle cell sarcoma – succesfully removed with good margins by a local practice. The surgical wound unfortunately broke down. The resulting wound was large but this was NOT a disaster – a disaster would have been a neatly closed wound with residual tumour left behind by the...

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