Case Studies: Dermatology

“Screw tail” in a Bull dog

A 3y old Bulldog presented for attention her breed-related “screw tail”. The deep skin folds associated with the cork-screw tail led to festering skin infections. Once the tail vertebrae had been removed the skin was reconstructed. The cosmetic result once the wound has healed will be nice, and smelly infection should be a thing of...

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feline sarcoptes

Sarcoptic mange around a cat’s ear

Cally, a 10 year old domestic cat, presented with thick crusts around the right ear pinna (the ear flap). She had initially been sent for assessment for possible surgery to the right ear canal, but the surgeons took a biopsy and “bounced” her to Roger, our dermatologist. The pathology report showed a heavy local mite...

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zak barley pre-treatment


Well, this makes a changes from itchy dogs with allergies. The striking thing about Zak here is the distribution of lesions.  The usual allergy/pyoderma/yeast cases  rarely have involvement of the outer aspect of the pinnae and extremities.  The detail of the lesions is also interesting -he has a fine ‘silvery’ crusting which is rather distinctive....

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