Case Studies: Fractures – Head and jaw fractures

Mandibular fracture fixed with external fixation

A mandibular (jaw) fracture occurred during a fracas with another dog. Fixation employed a 4 pin external fixator. This was well tolerated and it healed well, with good occlusion (meeting of the teeth in good alignment). Once it was united, the pins were removed under sedation a few weeks later and one of them had...

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Rostral maxillectomy for mandibular fracture in a very under-shot dog


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Jaw fracture in a working Spaniel fixed with plates

Reggie, a working spaniel suffered a fractured jaw. The mandible (lower jaw) was broken on both sides. The fractures were initially fixed with wires placed in the mouth. These repairs were backed up with another wire and locking plate applied to each side through an incision in the soft tissues under the jaw. The jaw...

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Management of jaw fractures with external fixation

A spaniel in training as an explosives sniffer dog suffered a complex jaw fracture after an RTA. An external fixator with many clamps, pins and bars let us fiddle with the alignment until we were happy the pieces of the jaw were back where they should be and all closed well.        ...

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Management of broken jaws with mandibulo-maxillary wiring and feeding tube placement

We regularly get cats referred for treatment of fractured jaws after being injured in road traffic accidents. We have been doing at least one of these cases every week for a month or two recently. Fractures at the front of the lower jaw are usually straightforward to fix with wire or with a wire and...

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