Case Studies: Medicine

Medicine, dermatology and ultrasonography cases

Roger, our visiting medic, dermatologist and ultrasonographer has his own website. Please see to see some of the funky stuff he...

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Ultrasonography case study, peri-renal abscess in a Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogues de Bordeaux are big dogs and they don’t tend to do things by half.   Troy had a mysterious illness which had been giving him high temperatures and had been grumbling on for months despite various treatments.  There weren’t really any outward clues as to the cause.   Ultrasonographically, however, it was immediately clear...

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barney left adrenal

Ultrasonography case study, hyperalderostonism in two cats

Hyperaldosteronism is not uncommon in older cats.  Adrenal over-production of the steroid hormone aldosterone causes excessive potassium loss (leading to weakness, plantigrade hocks, cervical ventroflexion) and inappropriate sodium retention (causing systemic hypertension, ocular pathology).   Traditionally, the usual cause is an adrenal mass: in these cases long term cures can sometimes be achieved by removing...

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CBD dilation

Ultrasonography case study, bile duct obstruction due to cholelithiasis (gall stones) in a cat

This is something one doesn’t see every day. Both dogs and cats very often have ‘sludge’, ‘crystals’ or ‘sludge-balls’ in their gallbladders.  However, whereas people often suffer acute obstruction due to this solid material finding its way into the narrow bile duct, dogs and cats usually live happily and symptom-free lives despite the solid accumulations...

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