Case Studies: Neuro Surgery – Congenital issues

Distraction fusion of cervical vertebrae for wobbler syndrome in a Doberman

Flynn, a 5 year old male Doberman was seen by us a year ago with modest ataxia (wobbliness) affecting his hind limbs. It was thought that given his breed, this was very likely to be “wobbler syndrome” relating to cervical (neck) vertebral canal issues. Flynn was a fairly “enthusiastic” dog: he was about 43kg and...

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Fixed price surgery helps pup with congenital spinal compression

A 15 week old spaniel pup presented with progressive ataxia (wobbliness) affecting the hind limbs. The referring vets had spotted a transitional vertebra between the lumbar and the sacral vertebrae at the bottom of the back. Unfortunately the clients were not insured and were not able to fund advanced imaging (CT scan/MRI) which would have...

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Fixed price surgery helps a 5 month old Bulldog pup with a congenital spinal problem

One of our referring practices contacted us about George, a 5 month old Bulldog pup that had developed progressive hind limb neurological problems over the previous two weeks. At presentation to us the forelimbs were working fine, but the pup was unable to stand on the hind limbs. We discussed the possibility of referral to...

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