Case Studies: Ophthamology

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The cornea, the transparent front of the eyeball, is surprisingly thick. But when it is damaged, the liquid contents of the globe can bulge out. This is called a descemetocele. The integrity of the eye is very much at risk, as it is then just a small step for the eyeball to rupture and for...

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Eyelid surgery

Cocker Spaniel Problem – Combined entropion and ectropion with trichiasis (hair contact) Procedure – Eyelid alignment corrective surgery                 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Problem – Macropalpebral fissures and exposure keratopathy     Procedure – Bilateral Medial Canthoplasty  ...

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Phacoemulsification for cataracts

We regularly treat selected patients with cataracts – opacity of the lenses of one or both eyes – with phacoemulsification. Not all cataracts and not all patients are candidates for surgery, so a pre-operative assessment appointment with Lorna or Rachel in the ophthalmology team is essential before cases are booked in for this...

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Corneo-conjunctival transposition graft to treat a corneal ulcer

A one-year old English Cocker Spaniel presented with a two day history of a painful left eye with increased squinting, blinking and a watery ocular discharge.   Her owners had noticed the symptoms develop immediately after she ran through a hedge whilst out on a walk.  Examination of the eye revealed a well circumscribed deep central...

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