Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery

Arthroscopy to debride cartilage lesions

Arthroscopy involves inserting a lens inside a joint through a small stab incision. This relays images to a video screen. Matteo does our arthroscopy cases. He sees inside plenty of elbows and a good number of shoulders. Arthroscopy allows a systematic exploration of the joint, with the advantages of magnification for diagnostic purposes. Much of...

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Dynamic ulna osteotomy for elbow incongruity in a Shi Tzu pup

An 8 month old Shi Tzu pup presented with right forelimb lameness and elbow incongruity with short ulna syndrome. This occurs because the ulna stops growing earlier than the radius, so that the ulna acts like the taught straight string of a bow and arrow, while the radius keeps growing and becomes the curved “bow”....

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Tarsal (hock) arthrodeses (fusions)

Fusion of the tarsal joints is often indicated when there is irrevocable traumatic damage to the joint(s) often involving ligament damage. Some breeds like Shelties are especially prone to spontaneous collapse of the tarsal (and carpal) joints under normal loading. Tarsal arthrodesis can be indicated when the tarsal joints are involved with articular fractures, or when...

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Excision arthroplasty of a metacarpal-phalangeal joint for lameness

  Harvey, a 7 year active male labrador, presented lame with degenerative joint disease (DJD) affecting digits 2, 3 and 5 of the left forelimb. The metacaro-phalangeal joint of the 3rd digit seemed the most painful on palpation and  this joint was the one of the three that was involving a principal weight bearing digit....

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Forequarter amputation in large dogs

Benson, a stocky 30kg male Staffy needed a right forequarter amputation becuase of serious neurological deficits after a road traffic accident, that resulted in very poor limb use and massive muscle loss even after a couple of months of “wait and see”. A few months after forequarter amputation (where we take the shoulder blade too to...

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