Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery

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Thoracodorsal flap and external fixator for dog with exposure and near rupture of the triceps tendon

Spot Jenkinshad a near rupture of the triceps tendon. There was a substantial overlying wound. We repaired the tendon and supported the elbow in extension with an external fixator. The wound was covered with a thoracodorsal skin flap to move skin down from the upper reaches of the limb. Spot did really well!...

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Arthroscopy, humeral intercondylar fissure (incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle), typically in Spaniels

Arthroscopy is an alternative to CT scan for diagnosing humeral intercondylar fissure (incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle), typically seen in Spaniels. This is a line of weakness in the lower end of the humeral condyle that can propagate into a fracture (see separate articles on condylar fracture and Y fracture, in the case study...

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Arthroscopy, general

We’ve done arthroscopy for some time at WMRs, but in early 2016 we revamped and upgraded our kit. We now have 2.4mm and 1.9mm Storz arthroscopes and we are seeing a good number of elbows and shoulders for arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment. Maciej leads these procedures. Cases to be considered for arthroscopy are first seen by...

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hip rpelacement 2

Total hip replacements

Total hip replacements are going from strength to strength at WMR. We use a cementless system (Kyon and Biometrix). Doing plenty and getting a slick system and team in place is the key to minimising complications with this procedure. We are doing one a week. THRs take a lot of preparation – prevention of infection is...

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Tibial tuberosity advancement for treating cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs

Rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament is one of the commonest problems that is referred to us. Rupture of this ligament can be partial or complete and the cartilages in the knee can be damaged because of the instability that results. We operate on several of these cases per week. These injuries can either be...

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