Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery – Carpus surgery

Carpal (wrist) arthrodeses (joint fusions)

Fusion of the carpal joints is often indicated when there is irrevocable traumatic damage to the joint often involving ligament damage. Hyperextension of the carpus commonly results when dogs leap down a long drop. Some breeds like Shelties are especially prone to spontaneous collapse of the carpal (or tarsal) joints under normal loading. Carpal arthrodesis can...

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Temporary joint immobilisation of the carpus with a hybrid plate after traumatic luxation

Megan, a small dog presented with a luxated (dislocated) carpus (wrist) joint after jumping while out for a walk. This injury would often be treated with a pancarpal arthrodesis (see separate article). Fusing the carpus usually carries a very good prognosis for acceptable long term function, but in this small dog, the owner was keen...

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