Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery – Corrective osteotomy

Dynamic ulna osteotomy for elbow incongruity in a Shi Tzu pup

An 8 month old Shi Tzu pup presented with right forelimb lameness and elbow incongruity with short ulna syndrome. This occurs because the ulna stops growing earlier than the radius, so that the ulna acts like the taught straight string of a bow and arrow, while the radius keeps growing and becomes the curved “bow”....

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Ulna osteotomies to treat bone growth issues in a young Labrador resulting from synostosis

Poppy, a 6 month old Labrador puppy, sustained a fractured radius and ulna, bones in the forelimb. These were already healing by the time we saw her. As well as healing to themselves, they also unfortunately healed to each other as well. So the two bones were now linked in what is called a “synostosis”....

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Dynamic ulna osteotomy for short ulna syndrome

There are two long bones in the lower part of the forelimb below the elbow, the radius and the ulna. The distal (lower) ends of the radius and ulna make up part of the carpus (wrist) joint. At their proximal (top) ends, they meet the humerus forming the elbow joint.   During growth it is...

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