Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery – Non-surgical treatments

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Bilateral metaphyseal osteodystrophy

Max, a 14 week old Weimaraner presented to  a practice that refers to us with a sudden onset none weight bearing lame of his left fore limb.   We were able to advise from a distance when their radiographs were sent to us. The darker radiolucent area just above the normal growth plates, most visible in the...

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Flexor tendon problems in pups

Flexor tendon contraction in pups is reasonably common and can be pretty upsetting for owners as the pups look “crippled”. The good news is that the great majority can do very well indeed if the legs are splinted in extension. This stretches the flexor apparatus and give the extensor apparatus a chance to tighten up...

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Sonivet, ultrasound therapy

Bone, tendons and ligament respond to stress and pressure by reinforcing and remodeling. They can be tricked into doing this repair and remodeling with the application of ultrasound. We’ve looked into using sound therapy treatments for enhancing healing in the past, but have shied away from it because these therapies are surprisingly painful, and the...

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Stem cell therapy for degenerative joint disease

Stem cell therapy is a new treatment for degenerative joint disease (DJD) and we have started our first cases in July 2014. A small piece of fat is removed as a minor surgical procedure under general anaesthetic. This is sent to the lab and they culture the patient’s own stem cells from it. A couple of...

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Platelet therapy

We see a number of cases of chronic degenerative joint disease (DJD) where surgical treatment like joint replacement or salvage surgery is not an option. When conventional treatment is not enough, we have two modern and emerging technologies that may help. These technologies can be used alongside each other, and alongside the other standard treatments...

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