Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery – Shoulder surgery & arthroscopy

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Temporary shoulder joint immobilisation with a locking plate

Sky, an active young lurcher, luxated (dislocated) her right shoulder. We temporarily immobilised this with a polyaxial locking plate for about 4.5 weeks. The plate was removed and, fingers crossed, enough fibrous scar tissue seems to have formed around the joint to stabilse it without the need for more aggressive interventions like arthrodesis (joint fusion)...

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Shoulder osteochondrosis dissicans (OCD) in young dogs

The articular cartilage over part of the humerus that forms part of the shoulder joint can under-run and fragment during development. Signs usually start around 6-7 months of age. Lameness is usually seen and there is discomfort on manipulation of the shoulder joint. Cartilage flaps can break off. The usually end up in the pouch...

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Shoulder joint arthrodesis (fusion)

The use of locking plates has exploded within the orthopaedic community in the UK  in recent years. They have revolutionised the way some injuries are treated. Fusing (“arthrodesing”) shoulder joints used to be a difficult procedure, not because the dogs found a fused shoulder hard to use, but because bending a conventional bone plate to...

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