Case Studies: Orthopaedic Surgery – Tendon surgery

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Thoracodorsal flap and external fixator for dog with exposure and near rupture of the triceps tendon

Spot Jenkinshad a near rupture of the triceps tendon. There was a substantial overlying wound. We repaired the tendon and supported the elbow in extension with an external fixator. The wound was covered with a thoracodorsal skin flap to move skin down from the upper reaches of the limb. Spot did really well!...

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Achilles tendon problems

Achilles tendon problems are referred to us relatively frequently. The Achilles tendon functions, along with the muscles that contribute to it, to extend the ankle. This keeps the “heel” off the ground and allows the dog or cat to walk on tip-toe as normal.   The Achilles tendon can be damaged through trauma, or the...

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