Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery – Perineal and anal surgery


Anal gland resection

Anal glands are sac like structures found within the layers of the anal sphincter at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. They can get blocked or inflamed and cause irritation. Sometimes they can get infected, and abscessate, breaking out through a fistula to the skin. Many cases of blocked anal glands can be managed by...

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Anal furunculosis

This condition involves the formation of draining tracts around the anus. It is often seen in German Shepherd dogs, and causes discomfort and straining with defaecation.   It usually doesn’t respond to antibiotics. However treatment with cyclosporin, an immune suppressing drug, is often effective in reducing signs or putting the condition into remission. When treatment...

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Perineal hernia repair

This is relatively common problem, usually affecting older un-castrated male dogs but occasionally affecting female patients. A hernia occurs when the soft tissue structures around the entrance to body cavities (in this case the abdominal cavity) fail to hold back the contents of that cavity and tissues and organs tend to move out of the...

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