Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery – Endoscopy

Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from bronchi

Chris joined our team in 2019 and we’ve been pretty impressed with his skills with an endoscope! He has removed a number of grass seeds from secondary and tertiary bronchi. These cases usually present with chronic coughs and sometimes signs of grumbling infection and fever. The trachea divides into two primary bronchi. These then divide...

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referral x ray

Oesophageal fish hook removal with the aid of an endoscope

Koda, a Northern Inuit male dog, decided to try eating a fishing hook – it dodn’t get far- just part way down the oesophagus. We mananged to get it out with the help of a metal tube, and endoscope and a bit of patience! The oesphagus was checked afterwards with the scope to verify no...

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Ozzy recovers after endoscopic removal of a bone foreign body, stuck in the oesophagus for 4 days!

Ozzy, a very likable little Shih Tzu, scavenged a bone out on a walk with his owner and it got stuck in his oesophagus. It was there for four days and he hadn’t been able to eat or drink in that time. The client had financial issues and his own vets had not been able...

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Endoscopic removal of bone foreign bodies

One recent Saturday, we received a call from a local practice with a Cairn terrier that had had a bone stuck in its oesophagus for a few days. We went out to their practice. Working with their staff, we managed to move the bone into the stomach with the aid of an endoscope and a...

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Endoscopic removal of apple foreign bodies from the oesophagus

One Friday afternoon, a general practice some miles away had a problem:   One of their clients’ dogs had eaten an apple, part of which was now stuck half way down the oesophagus around the level of the heart. They had anaesthetised the dog, and they could see the apple on X-ray, and they could...

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