Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery – Hernias and ruptures

Diaphragmatic hernia repair

After trauma like road traffic accidents, ruptured diaphragm can occur and abdominal contents including intestines and liver can move through into the chest cavity. The reduced volume available for the lungs usually leads to significant respiratory distress. Occasional cases however have surprisingly minimal clinical signs.   These cases can be a challenge. The diaphragm is...

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Peritoneo-pericardial herniation in an infant

A young pup of 3-4 months of age presented with exercise intolerance and increased respiratory effort. A specialist cardiologist had diagnosed peritoneo-pericardial herniation and the pup’s vets referred him on to us for corrective surgery. In the development in pups within the uterus, one large body cavity divides up into three, forming the cavities in...

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