Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery – Liver, gall bladder and portosystemic shunt surgery


Ruptured gall bladder

Elsa, a young female Mastiff, suffered a gastric dilatation / volvulus (GDV) and was successfully treated for this surgically at a neighbouring practice. They undoubtedly saved her life, but a few days later she started going downhill and Roger scanned her. It was apparent that as a consequence of the GDV, her gall bladder had...

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Portosystemic shunt in a cat

Simba, a young cat had a single extra hepatic (“outside the liver”) shunting vessel suspected by the referring vets from history and blood results, and confirmed by Roger on a scan. Shunts allow “dirty” blood from the guts to get straight into the general circulation, instead of going to the liver first to allow the...

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Massive hepatic cancer excision and blood transfusion

Poppy, a really sweet little 15kg cocker spaniel, came to us for a cruciate ligament rupture, but all that got put on hold because we spotted that she had a large mass in her abdomen, lurking under the rib cage. This was scanned by Roger and she had a massive liver cancer obliterating half of...

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Liver Shunt

A 6 month old small breed pup presented with signs of brain dysfunction and poor growth compared to her litter mates. Blood results, a liver function test, and her response to medical therapy all suggested that she had been born with an aberrant blood vein that allowed the “dirty” blood from her guts to bypass...

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Portazygos hepatic shunt

Princess, a 2 year old Yorkshire terrier was referred with a history of bladder stones and hepatic encephalopathy (neurological signs) attributable to the effect on the brain of toxins that the liver should have “scrubbed” out of the “dirty” blood coming from the intestines. An abnormal blood vessel called a shunt underlay the formation of...

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