News Article: Full time RVN required

We are seeking to recruit at least one more full time experienced RVN. The post involves a 40 hour week, with Monday to Friday shifts being either 8am-5pm or 10am- 7am, each with a 1 hour lunch break. Starting salary is £22k and there are annual pay reviews. To date, all annual pay rises have been well in excess of inflation. There is no routine weekend or Bank Holiday work, but our RVNs share an on-call rota. Any weekend work is paid extra, at a flat rate of £120 for any period up to four hours. When “called in” out of hours, an RVN might well only be in the building for a couple of hours for their £120. We give 5 weeks of paid annual leave in addition to Bank Holidays. We may need to ask that one of these weeks of leave is taken over the Xmas period when we are a little quieter! There is a CPD budget per person, but to date we have generously funded any CPD for our RVNs that is relevant to our practice without too much regard to the budget! We encourage and fund our RVNs to do further training and qualifications, and to date we have nurses who either have, or are currently studying for, qualifications in Emergency and Critical Care; Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, and Advanced (surgical) Veterinary Nursing.

The key skills in the experienced RVN that we are looking for are team working skills, a pleasant and easy going personality, an excellent work ethic, and complete confidence with managing general anaesthetics. We aren’t too worried if you don’t currently know one end of a periosteal elevator from the other! We can teach you about the orthopaedic and ophthalmological equipment in a matter of weeks. You will find your new colleagues a friendly and supportive bunch. While they all have their areas of particular interest, all of our RVNs all take an equal share of all clinical work, working alongside the surgeons and the ophthalmologists. They will be only too pleased to show you the ropes.

We want our RVNs to be doing nursing, rather than doing tasks that don’t specifically require a nursing skill set. So, in support of the RVNs, we have a very capable utility/surgical auxiliary who does much of surgical kit cleaning, kit preparation etc; a cleaner who cleans the non-surgical parts of the building each evening; and a reception team of three to minimise the need for nurses to routinely answer phones. We aren’t a general practice with our own clients and we don’t run nurse clinics, but our nurses are often called into the consulting room to either assist the vet, to assist the owners with rehabilitation/care techniques, or to complete laser therapy or dressing changes after the vet has done their consultation with the client.

The post will be subject to a 6 month probation period with appraisals through that period. We like to have candidates in for interview, but we also like to have candidates in for at least a few hours where we can see you in action, monitoring an anaesthetic etc.

If you think this job might suit you, please ring 01543 414248 or 07944 105501 for a confidential chat with Ann (the head nurse) or Jon and Andy (the surgeons and directors). Please supply a CV with references, though rest assured that we will only contact any of these with your permission once we have got to the stage of wanting to offer you a position.