News Article: Our dream of new hospital is happening!

It has been obvious to us for a couple of years that we have reached the limit of what our current space at Burton on Trent can cope with! Our rate of expansion since we opened in June 2011 has been bewildering and we’ve been hard pressed to keep up. By the beginning of 2018 we had grown to 5 full time surgeons, 2 ophthalmologists, a migrant group of medics/scanners, 12 RVNs and 7 non-clinical staff. We clearly needed more space.

So we are currently well on with plans to move to a new purpose built hospital facility, just a few miles north of our current base at Burton on Trent. We’ve acquired a lovely old Victorian building “Errisbeg House” with plenty of land around it. located very conveniently right by the Barton Turn of the A38, just south of Burton (DE13 8EB). The site is ideally located for our purposes, being immediately adjacent to this major trunk road with immediate access on/off, both northbound and southbound. There are even Travel Lodges immediately adjacent, for clients coming from afar who want to stay over!

The clinical parts of our new hospital will all be brand spanking new, and will be purpose built as an extension to the south of the main house in the grounds. We’ll have modern consulting rooms, imaging suites, operating theatres, prep rooms, kennels and cattery –  If all goes to plan we should have “spades in the ground” from Easter 2018 and we could realistically  hope to get open for clinical work at Errisbeg House from Spring 2019. We will continue to operate out of Burton on Trent until the Errisbeg site is ready for occupation.

By making this major investment, WMRs will more than double the clinical capacity that we currently have at Burton on Trent. We’ll be adding CT scanning and potentially adding MRI scanning to our service, and we will be expanding from our current 3 consulting rooms to 6; from 2 operating theatres to 4; from 1 xray room to 2 xray rooms (and the second x-ray room also serve as a scanning/scoping room).

Our core ethos of affordable referrals will still remain very firmly at the centre of who we are and what we do.

Our plan is to continue to use the existing Errisbeg House building as it was currently used when we acquired it at the beginning of 2017, for offices / administration / meeting rooms. We’ll use some of the rooms for our own administration needs – and keeping the old building keeps a bit of character! We’ve recently put on a new roof, and we have rolling program of renovation in hand. There are several businesses based on the Errisbeg site, some of which might be of interest to our clients, including a taxi company, an snack bar, a car wash and a sports physiotherapist!

The Errisbeg House site is very close to the Trent and Mersey canal, ideal for a dog walk or a bike ride. It’s a 60 second walk to the Barton Turns (a cracking little pub by the locks on the canal) and a 5 minute walk to the Barton Marina with its arcade of boutiques, eateries and watering holes. The Errisbeg site is well awa y from any residential areas where pets / vets and a bit of extra traffic might be construed as a nuisance.Site Plan

Vis 1siteVis 4Vis 6Vis 7Vis 9IMG_1951Vis 10the site of the new hospitalthe grand central staircase