London Surgery Tour

At Dartford we operate out of the Easipetcare veterinary centre at 2 Kent Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2DA.

First things first, parking …

Opposite the centre, there is a retail park and the easiest option is to find a convenient place there and then walk the few yards to the centre with your dog on a lead or your cat in a basket. Turn right into the retail park at the lights which are right in front of the centre.

easipetcare dartford

There is spacious waiting area and plenty of room in the consulting rooms. Your pet will be admitted early in morning, usually between 08.30 and 09.30 with the other cases for the day. Premedication will be given each case before general anaesthesia, x-ray and theatre.

If all that is required is x-rays, we can often get the information we need without general anaesthesia, using a hand-held x-ray machine. This device also gives us a very useful intra-operative x-ray capability.


The kennels are roomy and comfy. We’ve got various sizes that will suit cats, and toy breeds of dog , all the way up to giant breeds.



The operating theatre that we use is kept pretty spartan – we have essential equipment only as clutter just makes the regular cleaning program for the theatre less efficient and less effective. Good lighting is essential. We use air-driver power tools and we have electric ones for back up. On the floor in the photo, you can see the cautery unit which is ideal for sealing small blood vessels. On the operating table is powerful head torch which gives extra illumination, especially useful for looking inside of joints.


More photos will be added to this part of the site soon