• Have a tour of West Midlands Veterinary Referrals Surgery

Reception and Waiting Area:

Our spacious Reception area caters to both dogs and cats with a separate cat waiting area. We also offer a space for more anxious patients that perhaps benefit to having their own area.

waiting room 01   waiting room 02   waiting room 03

Consulting Rooms:

We have 6 consulting rooms, one which is dedicated just to our feline patients. These rooms allow for a relaxed environment where our clinicians can take the time to perform examinations of our patients and discuss their findings with you.

consulting rooms 01   consulting rooms 02

Diagnostic Imaging:

Our hospital is equipped with two X-ray suites, CT facilities and Endoscopy equipment. These provide our Clinicians with the tools to perform investigations on our patients to provide the best possible care.

diagnostic imaging 01   diagnostic imaging 02