• Fixed Pricing

For peace of mind, we offer fixed prices for almost all of our surgery cases, not just the common elective procedures like cruciate ligament injury.

price list dogFor our complete fixed pricing for our most common services and procedures  [PRICE LIST]

  • We don’t make annoying additions to your bill for the odd extra dressing here or for an extra dressing there.
  • We don’t make extra charges for drips, or extra charges for processing insurance claim forms.
  • We do deliver outstanding quality pet healthcare at the best possible value.

To refer a patient, please complete a referral form

For pet owners

If you have a pet that you would like to be referred to us at WMR, here’s how:

price list catIf you and your primary care vet feel that your pet has a condition which is beyond the scope or expertise of what can reasonably be achieved in general practice, then a referral to a specialist is appropriate.

A referral can only be made by your primary care vet, who will provide us with all the medical information we require in order to treat your pet and discuss the possible solutions with you when an appointment has been made. To make you feel at ease, why not meet our team here.

Referral is a system of professionals working together to offer all pet owners the best service and healthcare options for their animal family member. Specialists at referral centres have vast experience in their field and access to specialist equipment that might not necessarily be available in general practice.

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