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Why use West Midlands Veterinary Referrals for Veterinary Physiotherapy?

West Midlands Veterinary Referrals provides expert diagnosis, treatment and care to patients referred to us for investigation and management of a range of Orthopaedic, Soft Tissue, Spinal and Regenerative Medicine conditions.

Our in-house Veterinary Physiotherapist works closely with our multidisciplinary team in providing gold standard care to optimise your pet’s recovery, supporting them in improving mobility and movement.

What does Veterinary Physiotherapy involve?

Veterinary Physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and/or neurological conditions using a range of therapeutic methods.

It can be used to manage an ongoing condition, after surgery or injury, and promote fitness. Physiotherapy aims to restore, or maintain, function and physical wellbeing with bespoke treatment plans created for every patient.

When is Veterinary Physiotherapy Beneficial?

Our team offer a comprehensive range of surgical services. To further support patient care Veterinary Physiotherapy can be very useful after surgery and can form an integral part of a pet’s rehabilitation.

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Patients who have undergone any of the following forms of surgery can benefit from physiotherapy:

  • Cruciate ligament rupture
  • Patella luxation
  • Complex fracture repair
  • Arthroscopy
  • Arthrodesis
  • Angular limb deformity correction
  • OCD surgery
  • Hip replacement
  • Elbow replacement
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Hemilaminectomy
  • Dorsal laminectomy
  • Ventral slot
  • Fracture fixation

How will these sessions work?

Following examination by one of our clinicians a treatment plan will be devised, and it may be advised that Physiotherapy would be beneficial.

At this point your will be referred for an appointment with our in-house Veterinary Physiotherapist. During the initial consultation your pet will undergo an assessment and a bespoke therapeutic care plan created.

west midlands veterinary referrals physiotherapy sessionsWhat therapies are used as part of Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Veterinary physiotherapy encompasses many different methods which can be used to support your pet.

Manual Therapies

Manual therapies involve massage, range of motion exercises and stretches. Massage can be used as part of the recovery process to relax your pet, relieve muscular pain or tension and stimulate circulation. As they become more relaxed and pain levels decrease, you will likely notice an improvement in your pet’s posture, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Range of motion and stretching exercises can improve joint flexibility and strength, whilst also helping to improve overall movement. These lighter exercises form the basis of the rehabilitation process as they help your pet to start to rebuild their muscle strength.


Electrotherapies are a range of treatments that focuses on the application of external forms of energy, either sound, light, magnetic or electric. These forms of energy, when applied at safe, low doses, can produce physiological benefits. At West Midlands Veterinary Referrals we offer Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) therapy. This is a form of light energy that can help with pain relief and healing of soft tissues, such as skin, ligaments/tendons and muscle.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, this is a way of electrically stimulating the nerves to produce a localised pain-relieving effect.

Remedial Exercises and Home Adaptations

Exercise is an integral part of an animal’s life. We can prescribe specific, therapeutic exercises to help your pet restore their fitness and strength after injury and disease. Remedial exercises can also be used to improve general strength and prevent injury, particularly in working/athletic dogs. Along with exercise, the home environment can greatly impact your pet. There are often small components of our animals’ lifestyle that we don’t take into consideration, we can make certain recommendations so that your pet is more comfortable and able to enjoy the home environment.

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