• Questions and answers about pet finance

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Does West Midland Referrals extend credit?

Unfortunately we are not able to extend credit. Our fees are exceptionally competitive, and we can only keep them that way by requesting payment at the time of treatment. If you will have difficulty settling your account at the time of surgery, please raise this with reception and with the admitting vet before the procedure. We will try our best to find a way of accommodating your needs, but any negotiation on payment or price MUST be in advance of the procedure, not afterwards.

Does West Midland Referrals take cheques?

Unfortunately we can’t accept cheques, but we do accept debit cards, credit cards or cash.

Can you claim directly from my insurer?

We will often be able to claim direct from your insurance company. If you think that you may want to take advantage of this, please make sure that you raise this with us in good time. Insurance companies will often need a few days to agree to fund a procedure. For elective (non-emergency) procedures we need any direct claim to be authorised by your insurer in advance. For emergency procedures there may not be time for such formalities, but please make sure that you discuss your desire for a direct insurance claim with the surgeon at the time of consultation/admission.

We can’t offer direct insurance claims for sums under £300 (eg for consultation or for a course of laser therapy) so please have be sure to have means of payment with you for these relatively small sums. We can still process an insurance claim form for you though, so you will be reimbursed by them according to your policy details.

If you want us to make a direct insurance claim, please still have the means of settling your insurance excess with you when you come to see us. Even if you have already paid this excess at your own vets, it is our experience that insurers usually subtract the excess from the claims that we submit because our claim often gets to your insurer before the one from your own vets. We then end up wasting time chasing up owners for the payment of the excess fee. If you settle your excess with us and it then isn’t deducted from our claim, we promise to reimburse you promptly once we have received payment from your insurer.

I’m insured. Will you help me with my insurance claim?

Yes. If you will be making an insurance claim, please speak to our admin team in advance of your appointment and they will help you. We process insurance claim forms very promptly so that you are remunerated as soon as possible by your insurer, and we make no charge for processing insurance paperwork.