• WMR Becomes a Training Practice
  • WMR Becomes a Training Practice
  • WMR Becomes a Training Practice

Aimee Jenkinson, our Senior Nurse and Education Lead here at West Midlands Referrals, tells us about her role and the dedication she has in education at the hospital.


As a Senior Nurse and Lead of education at West Midlands ReferralsI am able to invest dedication to my role, whilst bringing to it almost two decades’ worth of nursing, administrative and managerial experience.

As a natural leader, I strive to lead by example. I value fairness and open communication and believe these are imperative in earning the respect of a team. These values assist me in fulfilling my role when leading the team in the absence of the Clinical Nursing Manager at WMR.

I enjoy learning, enhancing and sharing knowledge. I maintain a healthy respect for the need to identify and fill any holes in my skill set, and I believe that engaging in ongoing personal development, best positions me to lead others.

During my career as a Veterinary Nurse, I have been fortunate enough to hold the position of Head Nurse in a previous practice and lead a team of skilled nurses for 10 years. I have had the pleasure of assisting Student Nurses through their training, of which I am extremely proud and find immensely satisfying.

Although I consider all areas of Veterinary Nursing very rewarding, my passion is learning and assisting others in gaining knowledge within their role. As a result of this ongoing interest, I am fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to develop West Midlands Referrals into an official Training Practice. By becoming a Training Practice, we will be able to have our very own Student Veterinary Nurses and assist them in their journey to becoming highly skilled qualified Veterinary Nurses.

At West Midlands Referrals in Burton-Upon-Trent., we are lucky enough to have the space for a designated study room. This room will be used as a quiet place for employees to study and for students to receive tutorials to assist with their training and their dream of becoming a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

This is a very exciting time for WMR and our aim is to train our Student Nurses to a high standard. I’m personally delighted to have the opportunity to help the Students on their journey and be a part of their developing career.

Aimee Jenkinson RVN Lead of Education

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