• Lame Agility Dog Back on All Paws Thanks To West Midlands Referrals
  • Lame Agility Dog Back on All Paws Thanks To West Midlands Referrals
  • Lame Agility Dog Back on All Paws Thanks To West Midlands Referrals

A top championship agility dog who suddenly went lame is now walking again and could even return to competing thanks to our animal hospital.

Six-year-old Luna, a Border Collie, underwent a highly complex operation to mend a full cranial cruciate ligament rupture.

Luna was a level seven agility dog, the highest level possible, but chased a squirrel, turned sharply, and squealed in pain when she severely damaged her left hind leg.

Luna’s owner Linsey Toon, from Stafford, said: “I was distraught, as Luna is a very lively dog who loves her walks and training and competing at agility, and I was concerned this would affect her quality of life stopping her doing the things she loves.”

After the surgery, known as a tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO), Luna started physiotherapy sessions here at our newly launched veterinary physiotherapy service.

After her first session, it was decided to use laser therapy, massage, and a remedial exercise programme to perform in the clinic, along with exercises to do at home.

Linsey added: “The team at WMR were amazing, they fitted her straight in for the procedure and were all lovely with her, taking an interest in her comfort and wellbeing.

“Luna is doing really well. She can now have unlimited walks on a lead and is really enjoying doing her physio each day.

“She is walking comfortably and, as far as she is concerned, she is completely fixed! I’m very hopeful she will be able to do agility again. I would love to compete with her again or just to be able to train again.”

Nikki Shingler, Veterinary Physiotherapist here at WMR and who is recognised by the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists, said: “With weekly sessions over the course of a month, Luna’s muscle mass over the left hind increased and weight bearing returned to normal.

“Luna’s exercise levels increased as well, allowing her to resume an active home life.”

WMR’s veterinary physiotherapy service delivers bespoke rehabilitation programmes and therapeutic regimes for patients who have been injured or are recovering from procedures.

WMR’s hospital director Fabienne Venables said: “Our new veterinary physiotherapy service further boosts our referral offering and the team are all working collaboratively to support Nikki and our physiotherapy patients, in providing a huge benefit to our clients and their pets.”