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Our ethos is continuity of veterinary and nursing care, pre-operatively, peri-operatively and post-operatively. Our close-knit team of experienced vets and nurses will take your pet through from admission, sedation, anaesthesia, investigations, surgery, recovery, and on into the period of aftercare.

Separate cat and dog kennel rooms

The cat kennel room is separate from the kennel room for dogs.

For cases needing close supervision, we can provide this through the night as well as through the day, without requiring you to transport your pet to and between clinics.

Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite at Burton on Trent was purpose built and has two operating theatres, three consulting rooms and two kennelling areas so that cats and nervous patients can be kept away from larger and more boisterous ones.

We are equipped with a comprehensive range of surgical tools and implants including tools and implants for hip and elbow replacement surgery, and a surgical laser. We have two fibre-optic endoscopes, useful for examining the upper airway and the upper gastrointestinal tract, and we have an arthroscope (2.4mm and 1.9mm) which is most often used for examining elbow and shoulder joints.

We have two operating microscopes for intricate surgery.

Imaging Suite

imaging suite ownersWe have a digital X-ray machine, and we also have a hand-held X-ray generator which allows follow up radiographs to be taken conscious to check on bone healing, usually while you wait and usually without the need to even sedate your pet.

Our fixed prices include us taking an unlimited number of X-ray exposures of the surgical site on an unlimited number of occasions to monitor healing.

Colour flow Doppler is used for detailed ultrasonography investigations. A basic ultrasonography unit is also available for simpler imaging.

We also have a CT scanner on site.

For spinal emergency cases we are very experienced at myelography and this remains a very economical and efficient way of assessing spinal emergency cases. Myelography does have some increased risks compared to MRI and/or plain CT scanning, but it also has the advantages of speed, ready availability and much reduced costs.

laser therapyTherapeutic Treatment Equipment

We have a class 4 therapeutic laser as a treatment aid for soft tissue injuries, degenerative joint disease and wound healing.

We have a Sonivet ultrasonic device for stimulating bone healing and this can be hired out for use at home for selected cases.

Patient Monitoring Equipment

monitoring equipmentWe have comprehensive patient monitoring equipment at every anaesthetic station in the theatres, x-ray room and preparation areas, and we can also use these multi-parameter monitors in kennels.

This allows us to monitor a whole host of physiological parameters before during and after surgery, including ECG, blood oxygen saturation, expired CO2 levels, blood pressure and core temperature. We have multiple HotDog patient warming systems and several cages where we can supply an enriched oxygen environment to cases requiring it.


laboratory ownersLaboratory work like haematology, biochemistry, microscopy and urinalysis is often carried out in advance at the referring practice but can be done on the day we see the patient if required.

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